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Golden Ring of Russia

An ideal option for summer or winter vacation can be an exciting group or individual travel to Russia, in particular to the towns of the so called Golden Ring. Nowadays it is hard to find a person who haven’t heard about tours of Golden Ring of Russia.

The history of the origin of the most popular route in Russia started in 1967 when a journalist and public figure in conservation of the cultural heritage Yury Bychkov sit in his car and left Moscow for trip to towns of Russia to north-east from the capital. The researcher made his choice for the areas where in his opinion significant cultural and historical places of interest had remained the most. The route was the following: Moscow – Sergiev Posad  – Pereslavl- Zalessky – Rostov – Yaroslavl – Kostroma – Ivanovo – Suzdal – Vladimir – Moscow. The results of his trip to towns of Russia was published by Bychkov in the newspaper «Soviet Culture». The whole series of essays was united by the general name Golden Ring of Russia. Later a bus route was created according to descriptions of his trip and it received the same name.

Nowadays tours of Golden Ring unite approximately twenty towns in the middle zone situated in the areas mostly adjoining Moscow region. The number and the list of towns in the route was considerably expanded and  enriched with new places of interest. Traditionally travel of Golden Ring consists of eight  main towns — Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal and Vladimir.

Firmata Travel company offers you group and individual private tourist programs of Golden Ring. The unique monuments of our hospitable country and a high level of service will make your trip to towns of Russia exciting and unforgettable.

While travelling in Golden Ring you can visit the white stone Trinity cathedra of Trinity-Sergius lavra built in the XV century in Sergiev Posad where they conserved the iconostas by great Russian artists Andrei Rublev and Daniil Chernyi and also the largest construction of the monastery Assumption cathedral erected in the 16 century  and modeled after Assumption cathedral of Moscow Kremlin. The graves of the Russian tsar Boris Godunov and his family adjoin the north-west corner of the cathedral. The unique monument of Golden Ring is the most ancient temple of the north-eastern part of Russia Savior Transfiguration cathedral of the XII century in Pereslavl, here many princes of Pereslavl were baptized possibly including Alexander Nevsky. The cultural pearl of Golden Ring is Rostov with its unique architectural monuments with the Kremlin of Rostov among them. The town of Yaroslavl named the capital of Golden Ring is the oldest town on the Volga founded in 1010. The historical center of Yaroslavl where 140 monuments of architecture are situated from 2005 has been considered by UNESCO one of 23 objects of World Heritage in Russia. Оne of masterpieces of Russian architecture of this town is the church of Elijah the Prophet which construction was started in the XVII century.

In exciting group or individual trip of Golden Ring you can see many architectural masterpieces not only of the tsar epoch but also of the constructivism period, for example the house-ship and the house-horseshoe in Ivanovo. A splendid completion of a tour of Golden Ring will be a visit to white stone cathedrals and Golden Gates of the town of Vladimir famous for its monuments of architecture of Vladimir-Suzdal  school. In the town  there are totally 239 buildings of the XVIII—XIX centuries protected by the state.