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Passengers Visa Waiver

VISA-FREE Sightseeing

Although the majority of visitors to Russia require a visa, the Russian Law makes a special provision for cruise ship passengers. If you arrive by cruise ship which stays less than 72 hrs in port and you plan to overnight aboard the ship, NO VISA IS REQUIRED to go ashore. Consequently, we are able to arrange a VISA-FREE tour for those who do not want to go through the lengthy and rather expensive process of obtaining tourist visas from the Russian Consulate in their home country. There are a few conditions governing the VISA-FREE provision: 1. You may disembark only if accompanied by a registered tour guide. You cannot disembark independently. 2. You must present a valid passport and a tour ticket to the border control officer – We will provide this ticket! 3. The tour is flexible but you must re-board the ship at the time determined by you prior to arriving in Russia. For example, if you intend to finish the day at 6pm you cannot return at 7pm. But if you intend to finish the day at 9 pm you can certainly return earlier!

This tour type is ideal for most passengers, as we are able to design a comprehensive tour program that will reflect your unique interests, and so the chance of your wishing to change this already tailored program when you arrive is greatly reduced. Designing a tailor-made itinerary is a two-way process, and we will send you a Sample Tour Program that you can further modify to suit your interest.

VISA-BASED Sightseeing

In contrast, VISA-BASED tour gives you the ability to modify the tour program any way you like after you arrive in Russia. This option will be appealing to those travelers who value the ability to modify the tour on the go and/or do not have the time to research their tour destination from home. Please note that it is not always possible to get museum tickets on the spot and you may forfeit any unused museum tickets already purchased in case you decide to skip those museums. Conditions of the VISA-BASED Sightseeing: 1. You may disembark either if accompanied by a registered tour guide or independently. 2. You must present a valid tourist visa, passport, travel voucher to the border control officer. 3. You can either follow a predetermined tour program or play it by ear.

At your request, we will send you complimentary visa invitations that you can use to obtain tourist visas to Russia. Visas must be obtained from the Russian Consulate in your home country or the country of permanent residence. Visas cannot be issued on-board or in Russia. Visa processing times: 1 – 10 business days. For more details on Russian tourist visa processing visit Russian Visa Regulations.