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Incentive Tours

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Incentive Tours  or Travel with Benefit

What is incentive?

The word «Incentive» (from engl. Incentive – stimulus) means encouragement as a reward for something. The first incentive tour was held in 1910 in the USA: «National Cash Register Company of Danton» organized a trip to New York for employees as a reward for work done. And in the 60-es incentive trips became a popular kind of corporate vacation. Nowadays many different incentive programs exist in the world offering to combine vacations with motivational activities: incentive trips give a wonderful opportunity not only for an unforgettable tour but also for creation of steady emotional and the main thing positive bond between a corporation and employees, for overcoming of stress and conflict situations at work that in the future will successfully impact on company work. Because when employees become together participants of collective game or training and experience emotional event they learn to help each other and to work in a team. And if tour participants are business partners incentive trip can forever strengthen business and friendly relations between them.

Incentive tours in Russia are interesting and unforgettable. The country covering the sixth part of the continent strikes with diversity of landscapes and two great capitals Moscow and Saint Petersburg are extraordinary attractive for tourists at any season. Here a big number of museums and galleries are located where unique works of art with world names are demonstrated. And architectural monuments of Russia amaze with its national ingenuity and originality.

Firmata Travel tourist company offers you an individual development of incentive tours in Russia which include intense business program (team-building, seminars, conferences, workshops, trainings, excursions, group company managers and employees meetings and so on) and also cultural entertainment (excursions to local places of interests, banquets, extreme and thematic programs) and  relaxation in the best resort zones of Russia.

Only in our company you can find the most diverse kinds of incentive tours and among them trips with special themes, private tours, exciting trips to towns of Golden Ring of Russia, educational tours to Baikal and also various thematic excursions in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Incentive tours are always held by experienced specialists of our company. During the whole trip we provide assistance in its carrying out (tickets booking, transportation organization, help in visa processing, hotel staying, excursion services, consultations and clients support on the location and so on).

Ideas for incentive:

• Organization the VIP  meeting at the airport, sea or river port, railway station.

• Meeting of visitors by  Russian custom of bread and salt on arrival at the hotel.

All guests are bypassed by Russian beauty with a tray of glasses with vodka.

Another girl in Russian dress greets the guests with bread and salt.

• We offer visiting of the most interesting museums, excursions at

specially reserved  for group time,- closed to other guests visiting the city. For example, we can offer sightseeing excursion by small aircraft or a night view of the city of canals and rivers with music and champagne! And who does not like to ride on three horses?

• Organization of balls, carnivals and gala-suppers in palaces with  band and known musicians.

• For those who are  interested in architecture, music, ballet and history, we offer to visit a  not known for many  palaces with architecture experts, meet the  musicians and ballet dancers, get  acquainted  with the ballet school and conservatory, at least just  visit a theater or a concert hall in the palaces of the Russian aristocracy!

• Who wants to experience the joy of a soldier’s training, we invite everyone, who is willing to, to spend a few hours on the training ground, try all kinds of equipment, shoot from a weapon and  experience a soldier’s study. We suggest that you visit a museum of military subjects and familiarize yourself with weapons, gained over years of Russian history.

• It is always interesting to meet colleagues during their travels and share the experience. We arrange meetings and site visits, conferences, we help to find interesting contacts.

You need only to contact us to make real any incentive trip designed by you! Travel to Russia easily and comfortably with Firmata Travel!

Incentive & Conference

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Russia attracts from all over the world with its enigmatic charm and the unique things it has to offer. Designated a destination on everyone’s ‘things to do before I die’ list and one of the few places with an immediate ‘wow’ factor, the largest country on the planet remains one of the least understood and thus most intriguing. The excellent products on offer and the unique combination of programs tinged with the exotic make Russia one of the world’s most attractive destinations today.

On the territory of Russia the monuments of different cultural and political epochs are preserved in their original state: there’s no need to enumerate architecture and painting masterpieces created on the territory of Russia, they have already won the world fame and their grandeur can for sure compete with those of Old Europe sights that puts Incentive in Russia on the list of most interesting incentive travel destinations.

Russia, with its rich history and new opportunities, offers unique venues for conferences and meetings, incentive programs and cultural entertainment.

The incentive and conference industry possesses endless capabilities and enormous potential. Programmes of incentive tours and tourists itinerary in Russia are developed individually taking into account the goals, desires, and budget of each specific client. Forging a close-knit team, improving employee motivation, finding a common language with partners, and encouraging regular clients are all goals that are tackled by incentive programmes, and the results can be amazing. This is a great opportunity to combine active recreation and business interests.

Below, we present successful incentive projects that have already been realized, as well as new ideas for organizing corporate relaxation and incentive tours. We have great experience in organizing incentive tours and itinerary in St.Petersburg and Moscow.

Firmata Travel provides incentive travel in Russia, which includes incentive tours and itinerary  in St.Petersburg and Moscow.

Travel in Russia easy and comfortably with Firmata Travel!