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Best things to bring, when you travel to Russia

When you travel to Russia it is advisable to take the following items with you. Otherwise, you may have to spend extra time trying to locate these items in an unknown country. These few items are your best bet in making your trip to Russia enjoyable and worry-free.


Toiletries and pharmaceuticals


Suitable boots or shoes


Travel alarm clock with a spare set of batteries


Clean and crisp bills (new banknotes are best if you can get them)


Travel money holder/concealer (belt-type)


Photocopy of passport and visa


Spare film and battery for your camera


Heavy locks for luggage


A power converter and adaptor. Russian standard is 220 Volts AC, 50 Hertz.


RJ-11 adaptor for European plug, preferably with two RJ-11 sockets

Travel to Russia: Shopping for Missing Items

If you need to buy any item that you either forgot to bring from home and which got lost while you were travelling, visit our Shopping in Russia section for a list of recommended department stores and specialty retailer in Moscow and St. Petersburg.