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About Russia


Russia is the largest country in the world, stretching from Poland to Korea and from the Polar Regions to the deserts Asia. It is also the country with the most number of neighbours in the world. Russia has more than thousand cities are located. Each city plays a unique part in the history and modern life of Russia and is interesting in its own way.

Golden Ring of Russia

Russia, in particular to the towns of the so called Golden Ring. Nowadays it is hard to find a person who haven’t heard about tours of Golden Ring of Russia.


Moscow of Golden Cupolas

Tourist company Firmata Travel offers to your attention exciting trips to the biggest cities of Russia and in particular excursions to Moscow. Nowadays the capital of Russia Moscow founded in the XII century is one of the biggest cities of Europe. Here you will find the unique combination of the ancient and modern monuments of architecture. Besides Moscow is the all-Russian center of culture, science and art.

Saint Petersburg – The Venice of the North

St. Petersburg – is  the most northern megacity of the world located on 42 islands. Saint Petersburg was founded by Russian tsar Peter the Great in XVII-th, St. Petersburg was built on the sample of Venice and Amsterdam: instead of the traditional streets paved by a stone, tsar dreamed of his own city on water.


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