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For business & Specialists

Business Travel

Consider integration your goals in a captivating trip. We develop individual programs and destinations for our clients.

We want you to reach your proposal!

Exceptional assistance in:

  • Group meetings for Top managers and company employees
  • Specially designed corporate tours
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops, and trainings
  • International expos
  • Board meetings and travel for top managers and other programs
  • Provide the reservations of the best hotels in Russia, transfers service in Russia and transport service
  • Guided tours in St.Petersburg  and Moscow
  • Incentive travel in St.Petersburg and Moscow
  • Tourist itinerary in Russia


  • Selection of Destination
  • Development of exclusive concept that will be adopted to the local conditions and will work for your result
  • Tour Package
  • Full administration support (air-ticket arrangements, visa procedures, hotel arrangements, on-site assistance, guides, customer service, etc.)
  • Individual design of incentive tours in Russia, which include entertaining on-site programs, team-building, city tours and excursions, conferences, banquets, extreme and theme programs in all countries.


  • We  provides professional organizational support to seminars. Our specialists have experience in organizing complex international seminars with participation of leaders of countries and hundreds of guests, including implementation of the last minute transportation and accommodation requirements, and complete event logistics.

Travel to Russia easy and comfortably with Firmata Travel!