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Saint Petersburg – The Venice of the North

St. Petersburg – is  the most northern megacity of the world located on 42 islands. Saint Petersburg was founded by Russian tsar Peter the Great in XVII-th, St.-Petersburg was built on the sample of Venice and Amsterdam: instead of the traditional streets paved by a stone, tsar dreamed of his own city on water. And, though subsequently Peter’s idea was never implemented, later on foreign experience of building was  put in a basis of building of St. Petersburg. And even today tourists call the city built on islands and known for its channels the «Northern Venice».

St. Petersburg is attractive  by its architectural and art sights, many of which are nowadays  included  in the list of objects of the  UNESCO heritage. Hundreds of tourists from all corners of the  planet make excursions to St. Petersburg all the year round to see magnificent monuments of architecture and art and to touch Russian history of an imperial epoch.

An original visit card of the city is  its various bridges: The Palace drawbridge – the most popular  among tourists; The Blagoveshchenskiy bridge, the one that witnessed the revolutionary events in St. Petersburg (near to this bridge there was the cruiser “Aurora” which has made the historical shot in 1917). This city is one of the first cities in the world for the quantity of rivers, islands and bridges it has.

The choice of tourist routes in St. Petersburg is huge. Here you can visit masterpieces of architecture XVIII – the XX-th centuries – a majestic Winter Palace and Palace Square adjoining  it, which is  twice bigger than the Moscow Red Square, the Peter and Paul Fortress and a cathedral with a tomb of emperors, the Aleksander Nevsky Monastery where the are hallows of prince Alexander Nevsky and many great Russian figures are, the Senatskaya Square with a monument to the founder of Petersburg to Peter I and many other things!

In St. Petersburg, you also can see a lot of worship, such as a monumental Kazan Cathedral with a colonnade in the classical style, the largest in St. Petersburg St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the magnificent Smolny Cathedral in Baroque style, Memorial Church of The Savior on Spilled Blood, , which is built as a monument to tsar-martyr Alexander II, and many other facilities. All this  and many other things you will see, if you book tours to St. Petersburg.

St. PetersburgAmong the many tourist destinations the palace complex “Peterhof” is the most unique and popular – the former residence of Peter I, the magnificent palace with numerous parks, magnificent fountains and cascades. Special attention is deserved by royal residence “Tsarskoye Selo”, which includes the royal palace in the style of Russian baroque and an extensive park area in the landscape style with ponds and artificial hill. There is also a museum dedicated to famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, who spent his youth in the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum.

In total in St. Petersburg which is often called «cultural capital of Russia», there more than 8 thousand objects of a cultural heritage. There are about 200 museums, in particular, one of the largest collections of works of art – the Hermitage, Russian museum that contains the most extensive collection of Russian art in the world. The Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (“Curiosities”) is popular among tourists. It became famous for its unique collection of anatomical curiosities and anomalies. The travel agency «Firmata Travel» offers you to make fascinating excursions to St. Petersburg. You can order review and in-depth tours, as well as group and private tours of the city by bus or car, alone or accompanied by a guide, and also to make unforgettable river cruises on the Neva. We also bring to your attention insentive tours to St. Petersburg which will give you vivid impressions of the trip.

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St. Petersburg –   the most hospitable and cosmopolitan city of Russia, also attractive  from the perspective of the business, living, study and rest. It brings together people of different nationalities, students, clubbers, well-known artists. It runs a busy, cultural and night life. Take an unforgettable journey to St. Petersburg, you’ll never be disappointed. Welcome to Russia!