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Private tour in St. Petersburg 4 days / 3 nights

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Private tour in St. Petersburg. Individual package   4 days / 3 nights.

Day One

Isaac's CathedralTravel programm starts from arrival to St. Petersburg . Meeting and greeting by the guide. Your luggage goes directly to the hotel while the coach stops at the St. Isaac’s Cathedral for a guided visit. Fourth highest cupola cathedral in the world St. Isaac’s has a breathtaking interior design. The monolithic columns of the portico cut from red granite are seventeen meters high and weigh 114 tons each. The mosaic inside has twelve thousand shades and colours, the walls are five meters thick and the main cupola is coated with one hundred kilos of gold.

Check-in at the Astoria – the historic deluxe hotel built in 1912 in the heart of the city. Now the hotel is a member of the prestigious hotel group – The Leading Hotels of the World. Depart hotel for a “revolutionary” cocktail on board the legendary cruiser Aurora. Built in 1900 to become the most powerful battleship of the Russian Navy, the ship took part in Russo-Japanese war of 1905 and World War I of 1914. Astoria In 1917 the ship’s crew joined revolutionary forces and on October 25th its prow’s cannon signalled the start of the storm of the Winter Palace, then the residence of the Provisional Government. The new dramatic era in the history of Russia started here! Later on the ship became a museum, a symbol of the Revolution. After a brief tour of the main deck and the historic cannon, the captain greets the guests and invites them inside the ship for a cocktail with traditional Russian appetizers in the officer’s dining room. Kruiser_AuroraThe coach makes a brief tour of the main embankments of the powerful Neva river on the way to another unusual place. Then we continue this “revolutionary” day with a “pioneer’s dinner” served in a new restaurant specializing in Soviet and Anti-Soviet cuisine under the management of the famous French chef Serge Fery. The name of the restaurant “Lenin’s Mating Call” is no less strange than the interior design. It boasts of innumerable Lenin’s busts, revolutionary colours and attributes, somewhat strange paintings revealing the history of the Revolution from very unexpected side.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Video screens everywhere show the “advantages” of the Soviet power mixed up with erotic scenes. Upon arrival the guests are met by a look- a-like of Vladimir Lenin specially invited to take part in the “revolutionary” dinner and to raise the first toast. Then the guests are initiated to the Pioneer’s Young Communist League by the waitresses of the restaurant. Enjoy an amusing combination of good kitchen and revolutionary settings with a slight erotic touch. Try three different house vodkas and enjoy Russian Caviar on ice. Compare the taste of Soviet warm appetizer and Anti-Soviet main course. Have fun. Return to the hotel by foot. Overnight.

Day Two


We start the day with exploring the main treasure of St. Petersburg – the world-known Hermitage museum. The residence of the Russian Emperors in the past, nowadays the Hermitage comprises 5 palaces and is one of the largest museums in the world. Admire the State Rooms of the Winter Palace and then proceed to the priceless masterpieces exhibited in other Hermitage buildings. Be ready for lots of walking in the miles of corridors! A very special visit has been arranged specially for the group – the recently restored Brilliant Room displays many unique archaeological exhibits made of pure gold as well as jewellery of the Russian Imperial family, from intricately decorated precious small snuff-boxes to ceremonial weaponry and Czar’s regalia. The Malachite RoomLunch is served in the spacious “Restoran” – a work of a famed designer. The unusual settings of the restaurant are reminiscent of traditional Russian countryside. The bravest of you will be offered to taste and distinguish 5 different brands of home-brewed vodka!

Red Army choir entertain during the lunch…

After lunch start a panoramic city tour. There is one museum in the city that is never closed – the city itself.

Discover St. Petersburg – a city of infinite charm with its majestic palaces, churches and cathedrals, river embankments, beautiful parks and in numerous bridges – a city of imperial proportions and romantic vistas which has been a source of inspiration for the generations of artists.

ermitage restoran

This evening you are taken for a gala dinner in the famous Last Palace restaurant located on the Moika embankment. Many palaces of the noble were built on Moika embankments during 18th and 19th centuries, as it was a privileged place – close to the Winter Palace – residence of the Tsars. The last one was built in 1915-1916 for a nobleman Abamelek-Lazarev. The owner did not have enough time to enjoy his new palace because of the Revolution, which broke out in 1917. Thoroughly restored halls of the palace now house a stylish “Last Palace” restaurant known for impeccable service and gourmet St. Petersburg cuisine. Folklore dance group will perform between main course and dessert. Return to hotel and overnight.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Day Three

Visit Peter and Paul Fortress. It is the historical nucleus of the city as well as one of the most interesting and beautiful architectural landmarks. St. Peter & Paul Cathedral with its long gilded spire is the burial place of all Russian emperors from Peter the Great to the last of the Romanovs – Nicholas II. Designed to protect newly acquired lands in the mouth of the Neva River, the fortress lost its military significance before it was completed. It was turned into the most dismal political prison of Russia for almost 200 years. After the tour of the cathedral proceed to the main Bastion of the fortress to enjoy the best panorama of the city. For many years the main cannon fired a signal shot exactly at noon. Today this privilege is given to the general manager of your company. Lunch is served in the famous Winter Garden of Astoria Hotel. It was in this restaurant that Hitler planned to celebrate the victory over besieged Leningrad, which never happened. The lunch will be served as a Russian Table with many delicious starters pre-set on the tables according to the tradition of Russian hospitality. A free flowing Russian vodka and champagne. Balalaika trio entertains during the lunch. Free time to explore the city on your own and buy memorable souvenirs. Bus and guide at

Yusupov Palace

disposal for those who prefer guided shopping at the best city shops. In the evening we visit one more unique place – the Yusupov Palace that belonged to the powerful family of the Yusupovs – the relatives of the Tsars and the richest family in Russia. The private tour of the palace starts from the suite of gala rooms of the palace located on the 1st floor. You see the White Column Hall, Preciosa Room, Antique and Mauritanian halls of the palace and, of course, the magnificent Home Theatre of the palace. A private ballet performance is given specially for the guests in the theatre. Excerpts of the world-known ballets are performed by soloists of Mariinsky Theatre.

Mirror Hall

After the ballet performance the tour continues to the private chambers of the family on the ground floor and finishes in the Rotunda of the Mirror Hall where an elegant cocktail is served. By small groups guests visit the room in the maze of the palace where notorious Rasputin was shot by the young count Yusupov. Listen to the dramatic story and see wax figures of Rasputin, count Felix Yusupov and other conspirators. Upon returning to the Rotunda guests are invited for the gala farewell dinner in the Mirror Hall. Costumed dancers open the dinner with a 18th century dance. The most exquisite dinner reminiscent of those under the Yusupov’s time starts… Chamber string quartet entertains during the dinner.

Day Four

Catherine's Palace

Buffet breakfast. We drive to the town of Pushkin, once the official summer residence of Russian Tsars and heirs of the throne. It is a day-off of the museum and we have a unique chance to admire the palace in private. We enter the beautiful Catherine’s park and visit Catherine’s Palace, considered to be a real pearl of Russian baroque architecture of the 18th century. It was built for Russian Empress Catherine in 1752. The palace, a combination of white and gold, looks magnificent; a huge ballroom called the Grand Hall, ornately decorated drawing rooms, studies and dining rooms. The most famous room here is the Amber Room, which was looted by the Nazis during World War II. The restoration of the Amber Room was completed in May 2003. Lunch is served in the genuine Russian restaurant Podvorie. Enjoy delicious Russian appetizers and famous “borsch” (beet-root soup) accompanied by Cossack’s folklore singing and, of course, free flowing Russian vodka! The restaurant is a typical Russian huge wooden log-house reminding of a fortress. It is located in the picturesque countryside in the small town of Pavlovsk, close to the town of Pushkin. Departure transfer to the airport in time for your flight home. Good-bye and see you again.


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